If you’ve been thinking of pitching a product-scented candle for your client, you’re not alone. Every year, thousands of very creative people reach for the same low-hanging fruit. But when so many candles are selling their scents for the fleeting validation of a press release, here is a candle to inspire you to do better. One that gently caresses your olfactory receptors and whispers, “It’s been done.”

  • What Does It Smell Like

    The sweetness of fig, balanced by the floral earthiness of black currant.

  • What Doesn't It Smell Like

    Cheeseburgers, cheap beer, tennis balls, pickles, tailgates, macaroni and cheese, condiments, meatballs, locker rooms, the state of Kentucky, new car, chicken noodle soup, etc.

  • Exciting Candle Features

    It burns. It melts. It doesn’t try to sell you anything.

If you know someone at risk of pitching a novelty candle, send them ours instead. All proceeds will go toward a Denver Ad School scholarship, to help fresh creative talent create more original ideas than a novelty candle for a brand.